Augmented dating reality

Amanda photo
Amanda 23

Amanda’s luvatar is magically attractive

Amanda and Nick photo
Nick photo
Nick 26

Nick’s luvatar has creativity and freedom to express himself

Coming soon on Android

Creating Luvatars is easy and fun. Nick and Amanda just added a few brush-strokes here and there, but you can build an entirely new character.

It was unbelievably cool to discover the creatures they crossed paths with! Finally, they found each other! You too will see awesome beings, make friends, or maybe, like Nick, meet your love!

Their relationship started when they caught each other in

Augumented Reality

How awesome a thing is that to tell your friends? Since then, their story has grown into something much bigger, beyond Luvatar…

Today might be your turn. Start by creating your magical luvatar!

Online dating behind the mask of intrigue

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an exciting feeling of meeting someone new while staying incognito? The Luvatar app will provide you with this truly amazing opportunity! Create your 3D alter ego, your luvatar, and turn into your favorite cartoon character or comic book superhero. With a wide selection of outfits and settings, you will easily make it look really special and hide behind the mask. And since you don’t have to upload your real photo, you can wear a funny disguise until the very moment you reveal your identity!

Real dating in augmented reality

Once you have the free Luvatar app on your iOS, you can stroll down streets you already know or think you know. After all, who knows what kinds of luvatars you will come across in the augmented reality environment? Will it be a big bad wolf or a good princess with whom you’ll want to break the ice? Dating adventures on the geolocation-based map have never been so fun. Note that your exact location won’t be shown to anyone on a map, so there’s no need to worry about safety when making new flirty connections. Enjoy the best dating experiences with a very popular dating app!

Singles choose the mobile Luvatar world

Reshape your idea of dating via mobile. Think about hundreds of beautiful single men and women who have already joined the Luvatar world and use it to hang out. Follow them into an augmented reality where you will explore the new horizons of communication and dating. Enjoy gathering coins, check out and try on new looks for your luvatar, and connect with and catch other luvatars in the streets of your city... As for the ducks, it’s best not to ask! Just get the Luvatar app for your iPhone and start dating in a brand new popular format!

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